Unity Game Developer

Unity Game Developer
  • Develop, implement and test new features for mobile games
  • Maintain, optimize and refactor existing features
  • Deliver high quality and well-structured code
  • Independently create quality solutions to problems
  • 2+ years of experience as a game developer
  • Solid understanding of the Unity Engine
  • Strong C# skills with good understanding of object-oriented development
  • Competent with game development related design patterns
  • Competent with general game development concepts, including graphics development, game logic, communication with backend services, user interface development
  • Previous experience working with mobile games
  • Being able to pick up and start working with existing codebases, efficiently
  • Deep understanding of the mobile platforms and their specific requirements
  • High sense of quality and polish
  • Strong communications skills
  • Good level of written and spoken English
  • Having analytical, practical problem-solving skills
  • Previous exposure to mobile games
  • BSc/MsC/PhD in Game Development/Computer Science/Computer Engineering
  • Experience working with Xcode and Android Studio
  • Building games in your free time or take part in Game Jams or Hackathons
  • Desire to take part in the creational process for existing games and new game prototypes
  • Experience with implementing Ad Networks, Mediation Tools and Analytic Tools to our games
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